The Last Hoffa Dig


To those wearing a badge, nothing is worse than learning a cop you trusted is dirty. Now imagine if he was your favorite uncle, the father you never had, and your inspiration for putting on a uniform. Then you learn his whole career was a lie, decades after his death – through a phone call from The Case Breakers.

Michelle, a 30-year retired deputy, received that gut-punch. Old documents, photographs and witnesses have convinced the private investigators that her role-model relative, Harold, had secretly helped a notorious mafia leader kidnap, murder and bury Jimmy Hoffa.

Michelle first got wind of this hornets’ nest in 1996, months before the uncle’s passing, when she drove down the familiar forest road to his hidden trailer near Canada’s border. Harold first revealed a playing card, covered in handwriting. Michelle spotted the word “Hoffa” at the top, the crime boss’ name, a rendezvous date, and a precise burial spot. After returning the ace of spades to its hiding place, the ailing man gave her fateful final words: “If something happens to me, you’ll know what to do.”

After her beloved uncle died, Michelle inherited his estate. She had earlier briefed her long beau-cop, Jim (both above), and after consoling, he reminded her of her badge: “Don’t forget to look for that card.” But while reabsorbing its damning details, Michelle became fearful for her own family and relatives in multiple states. It was her call, and Jim agreed they would keep the card’s existence between them.

Jim is now one of the 40 volunteer Case Breakers, led by a dozen former FBI. With the blessing of his team organizer, Thomas J. Colbert, Jim contacted his old flame and convinced her that all the gangsters she was worried about are long gone. While Michelle admitted the revelations about her dead sergeant-uncle’s double life had scrambled her emotions, she has wholeheartedly agreed to help finish the Hoffa puzzle.

After the telltale ace was forwarded to the team, they quickly found 3 remote witnesses in her uncle’s former northern woodlands who recalled some of the same facts. Colbert now believes CSI forensics will show Hoffa’s body was first hidden in those forests in 1975. Then 20 years later, for a reason only known to dead men, his remains were moved hundreds of miles away to a particular spot in “a very busy park.” Is Hoffa still there, all these years later? Or did the mob move him again? Only a dig will tell.

With the help of satellite imagery-analysis photos, a historian and a geophysicist’s ground-penetrating radar, The Case Breakers have found the card’s exact burial site – a site indicating that it had been quickly “excavated and backfilled,” decades ago.

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