Sheriff’s new community dash-board considered top of the line


KEYT-ABC 3; Reporter Senerey de los Santos; 5/27/21

The Ventura County Sheriff’s Department launched the new dashboard to improve transparency to the public.

The sophisticated web-based program provides information about traffic stops, crime statistics, use of force, and data collected under the Racial and Identity Profiling Act of 2015. It’s all broken down for citizens in each county community.

The Use-Of-Force data contains details on the types of force used, and includes information on every officer-involved shooting since 1965.

“It is really important for a large segment of the community that often ask questions based on maybe a national narrative, or on information that circles around the community that may or may not be true – we want to communicate with the public with factual information,” said Sheriff Bill Ayub.

The dashboard launched earlier this week and is the first to be used throughout the county.

“We have studied dashboards that several other agencies around the country use, and in my opinion, these are the most detailed, most interactive, and most useful dash board of any that I have ever seen,” said Ayub.

Any member of the public can log to access this data.

“We expect to hear feedback from the public on things like why don’t you have this displayed, can you make it so we can see this information. We expect those comments to come in, we hope they do come in,” said Ayub.

The new dashboards are available for public use on the sheriff’s website, located here.


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