Meet the Case Breakers Team


The Case Breakers are a 40+ member national task force of crack investigators — from working millennials to retired octogenarians — with law enforcement, military, forensic, academic, legal and investigative skill sets. The mission: to use their combined 1500 years of experience and the latest technology to reverse-engineer some of the most stubborn crime mysteries, one dead end at a time.

But they don’t just close cases. When quietly deployed, the unpaid role models take the time to do it the old-fashioned way: with personal follow-ups, returned calls, crime anniversary door-knocks, stakeouts, security shifts, document searches, witness hunts and tracking court proceedings — for both justice and to correct injustice.

Here’s the team that’s making the country proud:

Private Investigators & Forensic Experts:
APUS, College Adjunct Instructor Jen Bucholtz – former Army Counterintel (Peyton, CO)
APUS, College VP Erik Kleinsmith – Intel/Investigative Expert; link charts (Chantilly, VA)
PI Bill Proctor – former PD, 40-year TV Investigator (ret.), now PI (Bloomfield Hills, MI)
PI Jack Immendorf – Crime / Fraud; worked 1977 “DB Cooper” CA murder (S.F., CA)
PI John Bocciolatt – former Portland Police Bureau, Detective-Sergeant (NY)
Forensic, Archeol/Anthropol Dana Kollmann – PhD, 3 degrees, CSI (Towson Uni, MD)
Forensic, Archivist Shannon Van Zant – Document-Recovery (Calaveras County, CA)
Forensic, CSI Professor Tom Mauriello – former DOD, now Criminal Justice (Laurel, MD)
Forensic, Cyber Inv. Courtney Lancaster – field/online ops, DOD Instructor (Balt., MA)
Forensic, Cyber Inv. Jim Christy – Former Director, AFOSI/DC3; Cyber Expert (Balt., MA)
Forensic, DNA Expert Kelly Elkins – Forensic biology/chemistry, 4 schools (Towson Uni)
Forensic, Document Examiner Linton Mohammed – Former President, ASQDE (S.F., CA)
Forensic, Document Examiner Mark Songer – Former FBI (Denver, CO)
Forensic, Aviation Researcher Christopher Freeze – Doc / Aircraft (Herndon, VA)
Forensic, NSA Codebreaker Rick Sherwood – USA Sgt., 3 ‘Nam Tours (Wheatfield, IN)
Forensic, PD Psychologist Kris Mohandie – Ex-LAPD SWAT Negotiator (Pasadena, CA)

Consultants / Federal Agencies & Departments:
FBI Agent Donald Max Noel (ret.) – Supervisory SA, 1996 Unabomber Capture (San Francisco, CA)
FBI Agent Dory Schreuder (ret) – 1980 River Supervisor, “DB Cooper” cash-recovery (Bozeman, MT)
FBI Agent Thomas Carver (ret.) – former JTTF Bomb Squad (Greenville, SC)
FBI Polygrapher Ron Hilley (ret.) – Team’s spokesman for former federal agents (S.F., CA)
FBI Profiler Jack Schafer (ret.) – Ph.D., Therapist, Lie Detection, Author (Macomb, IL)
FBI Senior Agent Bobby Chacon (ret) – 8 years Lucchese & Jamaican mobs, 19 yrs CSI diver (LA, CA):
FBI Sup. Hadley McCann (ret.) – Oversaw 2017 “DB Cooper” parachute-recovery dig (Bend, OR)
FBI Sup. Mark Roberts (ret.) – 12 years, NYC Gambino Mob; 20 years Counter-Intelligence (VA)
U.S. Atty. Joe Russoniello (ret.) – Former FBI, 2-time US Attorney & SF Law School Dean (S.F., CA)
U.S. Atty. Robert C. Bonner (ret.) – DOJ, CD-CA; also DEA, DHS-CBP & Federal Judge (LA, CA)
U.S. Army Interrogator Gina Smith-Kundinger (ret.) – Co. D, 165th Bn-MI, 1996-97 (San Antonio, TX)
U.S Army LTC Ken Overturf (ret.) – 1st Cav; “D.B. Cooper” former commander (Colorado Springs, CO)
U.S. Customs Field Ops/Pacific Division Director Richard Vigna (ret.) – CBP, Pacific (Reno, NV)
U.S. Marshal/County Sheriff Johnny “Mack” Brown (ret.) – (Greenville County, SC)
U.S. Marshal Neil DeSousa (ret.) – Former Asst. Director, Tactical Ops; now at FSA Fed (Ashburn, VA)

Consultants / State Agencies:
Special Agent Jon Campbell – SC Law Enforcement Division (SLED; Travelers West, SC)
Lt. Agent Pete Logan – SC Law Enforcement Division/Former FBI (SLED; Columbia, SC)

Consultants / Local Agencies & Departments:
Chief Mark Collins (ret.) – OBT Police Dept. (Oakbrook Terrace, IL)
Commander Jim Zimmerman (ret.) – Chicago JTTF/Niles PD (London Mills, IL)
Detective Dan Horan – former Major Crimes, LAPD; now VCDA Investigator (Thousand Oaks, CA)
GIS Coordinator Katie Yeloushan – Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police, EOC Center (Charlotte, NC)
Homicide Det. Bob Schiotis (ret.) – CA DOJ & Fresno Police, but still on cold cases (Fresno, CA)
Officer Bill Tyler (ret.) – 30-Year Patrolman, Counterterrorism Liaison, Denver PD (Golden, CO)

Legal / Publicity / Management Associates:
Atty. Jeff Renz – Law Professor (ret.), Fulbright Scholar / DNA Analysis (MT)
Manager/Entertainment Atty. Michael London (Beverly Hills, CA): 310-474-0577;
Publicity/Fundraising, Deborah Sherman (CO): 303-887-7249;



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