CB Bill Proctor Video (1-7-21): Who Killed Shannon Siders?


Written by The Case Breakers team member Bill Proctor



Shannon Marie Siders was 18 when she was reported missing July 20th, 1989. Her body was found in the Manistee National Forest nearly three months later with little to no evidence supporting a clear cause of death. Despite multiple suspects being questioned, the leads went cold. As the years passed, the mystery continued to burden the small town.

Many people in Newaygo County and beyond believe they already have the answer to the question that plagued their community for nearly 26 years: ” Who Killed Shannon Siders.” What only a few people know NOW is that the jury that convicted Matthew and Paul Jones of the horrible crime was lied to.

We believe that had they heard testimony from just one more witness, they would have clearly understood that the state’s case was one based on fabrication. In some parts, it was intimidation and self-serving lies from witnesses that should never have been deemed credible. In other parts, the witnesses told straight lies that should have left jurors shaking their heads.

However, they hadn’t heard from key witnesses, nor were they introduced to the other six suspects that were identified by police. In fact, new information reveals the REAL killer of Shannon Siders may have been in the courtroom during the trial.

From early 2020, an investigation team has been asking these questions about those suspects.

We need to hear more from the people who chose to talk to the Michigan State Police Cold Case squad, those who took polygraph tests, those who failed those tests, and the many people who still have doubts about the questionable verdict.

There is so much more to come but, for now, know this, Paul and Matthew Jones were imprisoned for a brutal murder that they did NOT commit.

If you have information about the murder of Shannon Siders or want to get in touch with the investigation team, please contact us at: https://www.whokilledshannonsiders.com/

or provide your tip here: http://thecasebreakers.org/tips/





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