FOX News Live: Fed Tipster Reveals Poste is FBI’s ‘Zodiac’


FOX News Tonight, May 17, 2023; Host Tray Gowdy, Guest CB Erik Kleinsmith

An FBI whistleblower recently alerted the Case Breakers (CBs): The agent claimed their California Zodiac suspect has been listed as the madman in D.C. Headquarters’ computers since 2016, with his “partial DNA” safely secured in the Quantico lab.

That shocker angered residents and supporters in the High Sierra who, eight years earlier, had turned over their serial-killer neighbor to the feds. The locals contacted the CBs to make sense of it all, and the team came up with a “Plan B.”

The volunteer sleuths found the ancestral town of the now-dead Zodiac, where DNA from a blood relative was offered by a confidential informant. Days later, “good profiles” from the kin and dead man’s genetic material (off of his old clothing) were compared by forensic specialists from five universities. “Strong similarities” were found; the CBs hope these results will be compared to the mystery hairs found in the clenched fist of 1966 Riverside murder victim Cheri Jo Bates.

The sleuths, however, were left with a troubling question: If this FBI tip is true, why hasn’t HQ had the decency to notify the alleged 15 victim families? Thomas J. Colbert, the team’s founder, said, “As a nation, we’ve abandoned them — especially the remaining 10 brothers and sisters.

The fate of these survivors, let alone history itself, is now in the hands of a cold case squad’s lab at Riverside Police Department.


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