*RELEASE: An FBI Whistleblower Exposes Secret ‘Zodiac’ Cover-Up


Thomas J. Colbert’s “Case Breakers” (CBs) found DNA on a 30-year hiking mat once owned by U.S. Air Force veteran Gary F. Poste. Poste is also the man that a senior FBI agent alerted the team about: The felon has been secretly listed as the Zodiac “suspect” in Headquarters’ computers since 2016, with his “partial DNA” safely secured at the feds’ Quantico, Virginia lab.

This shocker triggered a “Plan B”: The CBs found the ancestral town of the now-dead Poste, where DNA from a blood relative was offered by a confidential informant. Days later, “good profiles” from Poste’s kin and the mat’s DNA were compared by forensic specialists from five universities. “Strong similarities” were found; the team hopes the results will be compared to the mystery hairs spotted in the clenched hand of 1966 Riverside murder victim Cheri Jo Bates.

Question: If this FBI tip is in fact true, why hasn’t HQ or the California DOJ had the decency to notify the alleged 13 victim families? Colbert said, “As a nation, we’ve abandoned them – especially the remaining 10 brothers and sisters.”

COVER-UP’S LAUNCH: In 2014, neighbors and supporters in the High Sierra town of Groveland decided to give up the goods on 77-year-old Poste. Later, “jaw-dropped” FBI agents in Watsonville were shown his elaborate escape map, photos, dual identities, cryptic writings (right), shell casings – and in 2016, his DNA.

But witnesses and emails reveal the bureau agents, Riverside PD and San Francisco PD whitewashed the brave residents’ key assistance, the seized their briefcase with all of the critical documentation.

Fortunately, these controversial actions were chronicled by the award-winning TV investigator and author Dale Julin (left), now finishing the historic Zodiac manuscript. When the newsman and Groveland locals approached the CBs in 2020, they all decided to merge efforts.

Later, friendly cops from other agencies reported that Riverside’s murder-scene DNA, along with Poste’s genetic profile, were never uploaded on the FBI’s CODIS crime database. The dead suspect’s missing sample was particularly disturbing, considering Julin had arranged for all three departments to have access to it. Ignoring or evading this crime-comparison tool is a violation of a 2016 California law.

The 40 volunteers, now in their 12th year, are curious: How many other American families have had their loved one’s case go unsolved because law enforcement failed to use CODIS to enter (1) the DNA from a crime scene or (2) the DNA profile from a person arrested for a felony? When this investigation is completed, the CBs hope the troubling actions by these three agencies will come up for official review.

Forensic DNA cases in the USA have been backlogged for decades. The CB who cordially approached Riverside Police, ballistics expert Stephanie C. Luehr (left), and CEO Colbert agree on the solution: After a realistic period of time, new laws should allow families to access their victim’s case file. And like the minutemen of old, colleges, accredited private labs, chain-of-custody cold case teams and skilled crowd-sourcing groups are all eager to contribute.

TO VIEW the 20 pages of supporting documents, diagrams, 23 examples of agency corruption, the Case Breakers’ CONTACTS, and the final END NOTES, please Click Here:  Whistleblower Reveals FBI Zodiac Cover-Up; DNA in Lab




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